• Govor Generator Andoird App

    Size: 163KB

    If you are politician or a high ranking manager and you forgot to prepare your speech, Govor Generator is here to help you. Available in Serbian only.

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  • Amoba 2.0

    Size: 1963KB

    Classic XO game against the computer. Six difficulty levels and three table sizes.

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  • Swap 1.2

    Size: 348KB

    Swap is an easy-to-use software utility that allows you to create a list of pictures and use them as desktop wallpaper.

    downloadGet Swap 1.2

  • ColorPick 2.51

    Size: 20KB

    Small and useful color picking tool. Copies screen color into clipboard in various text formats.

    downloadGet ColorPick 2.51

  • WinFilm ExpertEdition

    Size: 293KB

    This is a Windows starter program for QuickView v2.50 which is a DOS based multimedia viewer (with support for DivX).

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  • CDReader 3.0

    Size: 263KB

    Tool for checking files stored on disk drives. Program reads the whole disk or selected files and reports if there is a file that couldn't be read.

    downloadGet CDReader 3.0

  • Lines 1.01

    Size: 524KB

    Lines game against the computer. Winner is the player that conquers more fields.

    downloadGet Lines 1.01

  • Words 1.7

    Size: 307KB

    Utility for learning foreign words and expressions. You can also use it as a dictionary.

    downloadGet Words 1.7

  • Nibbles

    Size: 378KB

    Nibbles game with 21 levels, two players mode supported and many more options.

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  • Copy It Anyway 2.4

    Size: 325KB

    Program for copying corrupted files which can't be copied the standard way because of some error on media the file is stored on.

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